Bright’s Story

Do you remember the story of Agnes and Bright Tembo? (Mother and Son)

This is Bright Tembo (a son to Agnes Tembo)

Bright has been in custody for more than 2 years without been given sentence. Missional Law came in so that his case could move by helping him appear before court. 
On 10 September 2019, Bright appeared before court where Judge Dr Chifundo Kachale sentenced Bright to 21 months of which he has already served, translating to immediate release.
It was amazing to see him free at last as Mr Moses Chione our Paralegal took him home on the Missional Law bike.

Agnes and Bright

This is Agnes Tembo and Bright Tembo (Mother and Son respectively). They were accused of a joint criminal case in 2017. A summary trial which started back in 2017, ended today ( August 6, 2019) when Judge Dr Chifundo Kachale freed Agnes Tembo for lack of evidence. A sentencing for Bright Tembo is set down to 4 September, 2019. This is the Lord working. Continue praying for our friends in prison

The Release of Innocent Phiri

Innocent Phiri is a young man from Kasungu. One day he was offered piece work to herd some cattle from one place to another by two men. As they were herding the cattle, they were stopped by the cattle owner who accused them of stealing his cattle. The two men who hired him ran as they knew the cattle were stolen. Innocent remained with the cattle. This resulted in Innocent's imprisonment. The court granted him bail. Unfortunately, Innocent was unable to satisfy the amount of the bail. On 25 June, 2019 we went to Kasungu prison where we met Innocent. After hearing his story, we worked with a paralegal from Child Rights Advocacy Paralegal Aid Centre, the prosecutor and the court to secure his release. Innocent had been in prison for almost three months. We saw God’s grace and miraculous hand at work during the whole process. Now he is home with his family.

June 14 and June 18

We conducted interviews at Maula Prison on Thursday, June 14.  We identified about 20 possible cases from a Magistrate Court in Lilongwe.  We decided to visit the Magistrate Court on Monday, June 18.  While at the Magistrate Court, a prisoner from Maula that was there for his court proceeding approached Paralegal Officer Moses Chione and told him that we needed to help his friend Never.  According to his friend, Never was not eating and struggling with his health.  The name sounded very familiar so I reviewed my notes from Thursday and realized that I had met Never and interviewed him.  He had been in prison since April for abusive language.  Upon reviewing his file at the Court we learned he could be released upon payment of $12.  Needless to say, we tendered the $12 and secured his release.  He lived in Lilongwe so we hand lunch with him and delivered him home.  He lives with his adult nephew who was extremely happy and surprised to see him.  

Madrass Released

Madrass was released from prison on March 14.  There were a few clerical issues that were hindering his release.  We were able to overcome them thanks to the persistence of Paralegal Office Moses Chione.  Madrass is shown here with Pastor Charles Msukwa who was instrumental in identifying his case and will be ministering to him now that he is out of prison.  

Saukira Released

Saukira was a paralyzed prisoner that we met when we visited Malawi in June of this year.  She had to be carried around by her fellow prisoners as she did not have a wheelchair.  We provided her with a wheelchair.  We also filed an appeal to the High Court seeking to set aside her sentence due to her medical condition.  The process should have taken 3 to 4 months, but God intervened.  Thanks to the excellent advocacy of Paralegal Officer Moses Chione and Lawyer Wesley Namasala, the High Court decided to hear the case on an expedited basis.  Upon hearing her case, the High Court decided to set aside her sentence.  She was released today.  The photo above is of her and her husband.  

Visit to Ntchisi Prison

Today we traveled with the medical team to Ntchisi Prison to provide much needed medical care to the prisoners.  While the medical team saw patients, our justice team split into two groups.  Part of the team stayed at the prisons and shared the Word with them.  The other part of the team went to the local magistrate court to meet with the prosecutor and magistrate to discuss pending cases.  Through this meeting and God's provision, we were able to secure the release of Samson and Kande pictured above.  They each would have served 15 months in prison for petty offenses without our intervention.  In fact, they were in the process of being transported to the prison when we arrived at the court.   Once released, we put shoes on their feet and obtained their contact information so that Pastor Charles can continue to minister to them.