The Release of Innocent Phiri

Innocent Phiri is a young man from Kasungu. One day he was offered piece work to herd some cattle from one place to another by two men. As they were herding the cattle, they were stopped by the cattle owner who accused them of stealing his cattle. The two men who hired him ran as they knew the cattle were stolen. Innocent remained with the cattle. This resulted in Innocent's imprisonment. The court granted him bail. Unfortunately, Innocent was unable to satisfy the amount of the bail. On 25 June, 2019 we went to Kasungu prison where we met Innocent. After hearing his story, we worked with a paralegal from Child Rights Advocacy Paralegal Aid Centre, the prosecutor and the court to secure his release. Innocent had been in prison for almost three months. We saw God’s grace and miraculous hand at work during the whole process. Now he is home with his family.