June 14 and June 18

We conducted interviews at Maula Prison on Thursday, June 14.  We identified about 20 possible cases from a Magistrate Court in Lilongwe.  We decided to visit the Magistrate Court on Monday, June 18.  While at the Magistrate Court, a prisoner from Maula that was there for his court proceeding approached Paralegal Officer Moses Chione and told him that we needed to help his friend Never.  According to his friend, Never was not eating and struggling with his health.  The name sounded very familiar so I reviewed my notes from Thursday and realized that I had met Never and interviewed him.  He had been in prison since April for abusive language.  Upon reviewing his file at the Court we learned he could be released upon payment of $12.  Needless to say, we tendered the $12 and secured his release.  He lived in Lilongwe so we hand lunch with him and delivered him home.  He lives with his adult nephew who was extremely happy and surprised to see him.